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Both Commercial and X-tech workshop of Track 1 are fully booked.
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8:00 - 9:00
Registration and breakfast
9:00 - 9:05
9:05 - 9:50
Ethics and the AV Industry in the Age of WikiLeaks Andrew Lee, CEO, ESET North America
9:50 - 10:35
EC3 and the Fight against Cybercrime Troels Ørting, Head of European Cybercrime Center
10:35 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:20
Track 1
12:20 - 13:00
13:00 - 14:20
Track 2
14:20 - 14:30
14:30 - 15:15
The Arms Race Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer, F - Secure
15:15 - 15:40
Panel debate
15:40 - 15:50
Thank you for today
15:50 - 16:45

How do you select the right track?

Dependent on your area of specialisation, we want you to get the most benefit from this conference. This is why we again have allocated the central speakers into separate tracks. Based on last year’s feedback, we have put together three parallel workshops; Commercial, Technical and X-tech.

The Commercial workshop takes a management and business perspective on cybercrime, the Technical workshop centers around the processes and consequences of cybercrime, and the X-Tech goes in-depth with technical insight into malicious attacks.

Changes to the program may occur.

  • Threat Horizon 2016
    Steve Durbin, Global Vice President, ISF Limited
  • Building confidence in your digital future
    Christian Kjær, Director of Information and Cyber Security Services, PwC Denmark
Track 2:
  • Creating real awareness in DONG Energy
    Michael Moesgaard, CIO, DONG Energy
  • Crisis Communications
    Claus Fonnesbech, Senior Communications Advisor, Discus Communications
  • From compromise to business consequence
    Jan Kaastrup, CTO, CSIS
  • Data Centric Security Architecture
    Claus Vesthammer, Senior Manager, PwC Denmark
Track 2:
  • Identify, Pursue, Defeat - The FBI's view of, and approach to, the cyber threatscape.
    Chuck Esposito, Assistant Legal Attaché, FBI
  • Microsoft's global battle against cybercrime
    Simon Pope, Principal Lead Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Internet Public Health Crisis
    Paul Vixie, Founder & CEO, Farsight Security
  • Rise and Fall of the Banker Trojan
    Peter Kruse, Founder & Head of CSIS eCrime Unit, CSIS
Track 2:
  • Operation Windigo: The vivisection of a large Linux server-side credential-stealing malware campaign
    Righard Zwienenberg, Senior Research Fellow, ESET
  • The Rise of Mobile Threats: From Ransomware to Cyberespionage
    Dani Creus, Security Analyst, Kaspersky Lab
Jan Kaastrup
CTO & Partner
Jan’s interest in IT security began in 1998 when he worked in Denmark’s first IT security company. Since then he has gained security experience in both large and medium-sized Dansih as well as multinational corporations. On a daily basis, Jan Kaastrup is a partner and CTO of CSIS, specialized in cybercrime and supplier of eCrime intelligence for the financial sector in European countries.
Chuck Esposito
Assistant Legal Attaché
FBI Supervisory Special Agent Chuck Esposito is an Assistant Legal Attaché assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen. Prior to arriving in Copenhagen in August 2013, he was a Unit Chief in the FBI's Cyber Division and prior to that he led a cyber squad in the FBI's San Francisco Field Office. Chuck has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and 30 years of law enforcement experience.
Troels Oerting
European Cybercrime Center
Troels used to be Head of Operations in the Danish Security Intelligence Service until he was brought to the Europol HQ in Netherlands as a Police Chief Superintendent. Today, Troels is the Assistant Director, and head of the European Cybercrime Center (EC3), which aims to be the focal point in the EU’s fight against cybercrime.
Mikko Hyppönen
Chief Research Officer
Mikko Hypponen is a cyber war veteran. Nowadays he works as a data hostage negotiator.
Christian Kjær
Director of Information and Cyber Security Services
PwC Denmark
Christian is Director of information and cyber security services at PwC Denmark and helps Nordic companies understand the complexity of the IT threat landscape and interpret this in relation to business risk for the specific organisation. His main areas of focus include risk management, business continuity, security awareness and governance.
Dani Creus
Security Analyst
Kaspersky Lab
Dani Creus has been working in the security field for 10 years acquiring practical knowledge on several infosec disciplines (offensive/defensive/research) focusing on cybercrime and intelligence. Prior to joining the GReAT team at Kaspersky Lab, Dani worked as a lead investigator performing incident response and forensics investigations for the EMEA region within the Verizon´s RISK Team. He also formed part of the e-crime group at S21sec mainly involved in cybercrime intelligence and digital threats research.
Paul Vixie
Founder & CEO
Farsight Security
Paul is the author of several RFCs and standard UNIX system programs, among them SENDS, proxynet, rtty and Vixie cron. He has founded and co-founded a series of companies within the IT seucurity business; Internet Software Consortium (ISC), Palo Alto Internet Exchange (PAIX), MAPS (Mail Abuse Prevention System), the consulting business Vixie Enterprises, and Farsight Security.
Andrew Lee
ESET North America
Andrew is a founding member of some of the most respected organizations in the antivirus industry, like AVIEN and AMTSO, and is a frequent speaker at major conferences within the IT security industry. Previously, Andrew occupied the roles of CRO at ESET LCC, Chief Technology Officer at K7 Computing and more. He is a widely published author of articles on antivirus and security.
Simon Pope
Principal Lead Program Manager
Simon leads the Trustworthy Computing Anti-Fraud & Abuse team in the fight to reduce the harm that Microsoft’s customers suffer from fraud and abuse. Simon’s earlier positions include Chief Technology Officer of Veriluma, Science Team Leader for Estimative Intelligence at the Australian Department of Defence and Senior Research Scientist for the CRC for Enterprise Distributed Systems Technology.
Righard Zwienenberg
Senior Research Fellow
Righard started dealing with computer viruses in 1988 after encountering the first virus problems at the Technical University of Delft. His interest thus kindled, Righard has studied virus behavior and presented solutions and detection schemes ever since leading him to co-found CSE Ltd., be Chief Research Officer at Norman, serving as a Vice-President of AVAR among many other activities. He is a frequent speaker at all global top-level conferences.
Claus Fonnesbech
Senior Communications Advisor
Discus Communications
Claus Fonnesbech from Discus Communications is a senior advisor and journalist focusing on strategic communications, public relations, media training and crisis management for companies, especially within IT and finance. Claus was most recently Global Head of Press at Damco (AP Møller-Maersk) and Press Manager at PwC. He also has many years of experience in the IT industry, e.g. the Danish IT security company Protego and Vigilante.
Peter Kruse
Head of CSIS eCrime Unit & Partner
Peter Kruse co-founded the Danish IT-security company CSIS in 2003, is currently leading the eCrime department, and is by far the most quoted IT-security expert in Denmark and among the most recognized in Europe. He has a history of active participation in many closed and vetted top IT-security communities and has numerous international connections in the antivirus- and banking industry, law enforcement and education institutions.
Claus Vesthammer
Senior Manager
PwC Denmark
Claus has worked within a number of key areas and companies related to IT infrastructure for more than 15 years, including Cloud Computing Security Knowledge (CCSK), and has several certifications. His focus has in particular been on information security and enterprise architecture. Claus has worked with every phase of infrastructure projects and programmes – from analysis and plan to build and run.
Steve Durbin
Global Vice President
ISF Limited
Steve is Vice President of the Information Security Forum (ISF). His main areas of focus include Cyber security, BYOD, Cloud security, Social media etc. across both the corporate and personal environments. Steve is a regular speaker and chair at global events and is often quoted in publications such as the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CIO Forum, and Information Week.
Michael Moesgaard
DONG Energy
Michael holds a degree as M.Sc. Engineer at the Technical University of Denmark. He has a consulting background from before joining DONG Energy as Senior Manager at Accenture and at A.T. Kearney. In 2006 Michael was responsible for securing the IT integration of the 6 Danish utility companies, forming DONG Energy. Throughout his career he has also been responsible for the IT integration of a number of international acquisitions.

Thank you for attending Copenhagen Cybercrime Conference 2014. Information on next year's conference will be available soon

What is the location of CCCC14? The conference is once again held at the beautiful premises of PwC Denmark, Strandvejen 44, 2900 Hellerup. Parking is available behind the building.

When is CCCC14 held? The 12th of June 2014. We start with breakfast at 8am, and finish off with networking at 16:45.

Public Transportation and Parking The conference venue is located on the line of bus nr. 1A – bus stop 'Gammel Vartov Vej'.
If arriving by car, parking is possible free of charge directly at the conference venue - in the parking space in front of and in the yard behind the PwC building. A parking card is not required. Please note that access to PwC is only from Strandvejen and that the availability of parking lots is limited. For other parking, we refer you to the underground parking at Philip Heymanns Allé. Go down the Dessaus Boulevard to the roundabout and take the second exit. The underground parking is immediately to your left. Please note that this parking is subject to a charge. Only payment with a payment card is possible.


Conference Registration Fee Participation is free of charge for conference speakers as well as CSIS and PwC relations, clients and partners. Other participants will be invoiced a registration fee of DKK 995, which includes participation in the conference, breakfast, coffee breaks and lunch.

How do you select the right track? Dependent on your area of specialisation, we want you to get the most benefit from this conference. This is why we again have allocated the central speakers into separate tracks. Based on last year’s feedback, we have put together three parallel workshops; Commercial, Technical and X-tech.

The Commercial workshop takes a management and business perspective on cybercrime, the Technical workshop centers around the processes and consequences of cybercrime, and the X-Tech goes in-depth with technical insight into malicious attacks.

What are the training courses? This year, we have carefully selected two courses leading up to the conference. Learn hacking techniques and incident management and gain knowledge on what you should look out for. Both courses are held at the PwC premises the 10th and 11th of June. Seats are limited. First come first served.


CCCC14The Copenhagen Cybercrime Conference is the only conference of its kind in Scandinavia attracting the premier league of IT security professionals. Hosted annually by CSIS and PwC, the CCCC14 presents new trends, methods and cases within the field of cybercrime, specifically focused on current and upcoming threats targeting the private and public sector in Northern Europe.

CSIS Security GroupIn 2003, CSIS Security Group was founded with a mission to meet the growing threat of IT criminals. Today, CSIS has become the leading Nordic supplier of anti-eCrime services, and cooperates with all the Danish banks, and a series of major European financial institutions. Furthermore, the experts of CSIS are featured in the press on a daily basis.

PwCPwC’s globally recognised cyber security team advises and supports businesses large and small. We help you with detailed technical analysis, and advise senior management and boards in shaping a broader strategic response to cyber risk. We can also help you address the legal issues around breaches, data protection and privacy, and implement a culture and environment where your employees understand how to behave securely.

CSIS Security Officer

We see plenty of data breaches out there, but 2013 broke all records with an estimated 1 billion records stolen. Target alone lost 40 mio. credit cards at an estimated cost of $400 mio. How is your own security and infrastructure? Be introduced to the most vital hacking techniques and learn to protect yourself against them. Stay out of the data leak statistics by joining us at CCCC14 for the latest and greatest in proactive defense, that will not only protect your network, but also your data against any future attacks.

Read more here

PwC Security Management in a Cyber Era

Today’s threat landscape has changed dramatically and understanding how it affects your company is key for protecting your organisation’s assets, business and reputation.
This training course sets focus on how cyber-threats affect the traditional security management disciplines and what you need to do in order to create a cyber-resilient organization. Through a number of practical exercises, you will learn to handle complex incidents and gain access to tools that can help you mature your security programme.

Read more here

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